Here's what our customers are saying

” AIT has been life changing for my daughters. One was experiencing intense behavioral mood swings and has more balance and peace within her. My other daughter is dyslexic and after AIT she experienced an explosion of connections through reading.”

- Cierra N

”Before AIT a typical week in our lives would go something like one trip to Costco or Walmart and days later we'd still be navigating the resulting sensory meltdowns. It felt like an endless cycle of picking and choosing what we had the energy to do with our kids with the added struggle that both my husband and I get sensory overwhelm as well. Since completing AIT we have noticed so many different beneficial outcomes period. Not only can we enjoy running errands as a family and making multiple stops, but my husband and I both are able to more easily stay the calm parents we strive to be even when the environment would have previously overloaded us.

We've also seen our kids blossom in scenarios that previously overwhelmed them. They can now handle things like crowded and loud indoor swim lessons, and swimming skills suddenly clicked for our child who previously couldn't manage the bilateral movements need in freestyle and backstroke. We've seen this same child grow from barely sounding out basic words to becoming a competent reader since completing AIT.

We also successfully attended a drumming event for kids - think a room filled with 100 kids, each with their own drum. One of our kids started to cower out of habit and then realized she was actually having fun and ended up volunteering to demonstrating in front of the crowd! It's been amazing to see the ongoing benefits, even several months after finishing AIT. It was definitely worth it for our family!”

- Sarah F